Minna Maaskola-Desprez

Photo by Michael LaPalme

Minna Maaskola-Desprez

Senior Technical Specialist - Training and Capacity Building

Geneva, Switzerland

Minna is the Senior Technical Specialist leading the Training and Capacity Building activities at Better Work. She has been with the programme since 2007, the first three years Minna worked in Better Work Cambodia doing research on training and leading many of the innovative outreach and communication projects, while in Cambodia she also worked at IFC as an HR Consultant. Since then Minna has worked five years in the HQ in Geneva and now based in Bangkok leading the factory learning service and managing the corporate grants. She is an accredited MBTI practitioner and holds a master’s degree in Business and Economics with a specialization in CSR. Prior to Better Work, Minna worked in a Lawyer’s office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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