Mohamad Anis Agung Nugroho

Mohamad Anis Agung Nugroho

Programme Manager

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Anis joined Better Work Bangladesh in February 2022 after spending over ten years in Better Work Indonesia in different capacities.

Anis joined Better Work Indonesia in December 2010, as he had shared the programme’s vision and mission. He started as an Enterprise Advisor, and as Better Work Indonesia grew, Anis was assigned as Senior Enterprise advisor to manage core services, including assessment, advisory and training. And then since February 2015, Anis has led Better Work Indonesia as National Operations Manager. In 2016, Yayasan Kemitraan Kerja was established as part of the sustainability agenda of Better Work in Indonesia. Anis played an essential role in establishing an initial set-up of the Yayasan Kemitraan Kerja to implement Better Work Core Services in Indonesia. From 2017 until January 2022, Anis lead the foundation as the foundation’s executive director.

Anis started his professional career in the garment sector when he graduated in 1999 from the School of Textile Technology in Bandung, Indonesia. He spent his early employment in several garments manufacturers as an industrial engineer, production planning and inventory control and assistant to the general manager. In 2003, he moved to a vendor and worked as a Compliance and Quality Manager. He was responsible for compliance audits, quality system audits, and suppliers’ development and contributed to sourcing decisions in countries such as Bangladesh, Morocco, Vietnam, China, and Indonesia. To pursue his interest in good labour governance and public policy, he studied for and completed a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Indonesia in 2021.

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